Dirt bike gear essential 2021

Whether you are getting started in the dirt bikes segment or looking for some more insight, motocross gear should be an area of interest. The challenge is to choose the required gear from such varied options available in the dirt bike market. It is necessary to match the kind of riding you plan with the motorbike gear you choose. A better understanding of the basics will set you up for success on the trails ahead and may save you from early retirement or severe injury. Working our way down from head to toe, we will cover all essential pieces of gear.

1. Dirt helmet

A dirt helmet is a bit different from your everyday street helmet. The dirt helmet absorbs and disperses the energy of the impact on your head while you are on the trail.


  • While buying a helmet, look for the helmet visor with a breakaway system, dirt lids for airflow.
  • Look for dirt helmets that have technology incorporated to help prevent injury from twisted impacts.

2. Dirt goggles

Dirt Goggles protect your eyes from roost, sun, tree branches, and even rain to get a clearer view of the trail ahead.


  • Features to look for are a wide field of vision, outriggers, and a wide goggle strap.
  • Choose your helmet before selecting your goggles to make sure you can wear them together.

3. Neck braces

Neck braces absorb energy in the event of a crash and help stabilize the neck. A neck brace should rest on your shoulders and should not hinder your movement. Many manufacturers design their neck braces to work along with their chest guards.

4. Chest protectors or body armor and roost guards

Chest protectors or body armor protect rider chests from hazards such as trees, rocks, roots, and logs on the trails. Whereas roost guards, the most popular kind of protection used by motocross riders, provide minimal coverage for the chest and back. Roost guards are a bit more low-profile when compared to chest protectors.


  • While buying body armor, look for chest protectors with adjustable bicep and forearm armor. It offers chest protection and coverage around the ribs.

5. Knee braces 

Knee braces provide impact protection with an excellent level of torsional and lateral protection. This design allows knee braces to provide stability for the leg and knee.


  • Look for a hard TPU plate and straps that go around the back of your leg to ensure that the knee guard does not shift around while riding or when you take an impact.

6. Jerseys and pants

There is a lot to choose from jerseys and pants category. Most of this gear comes down to style and personal preference.


  • With lighter weight and more flexible materials, integrity gets sacrificed.
  • The jersey and pants accommodate armor, so there is no need to size up while buying the jersey and pants.

7. Dirt gloves

Dirt gloves provide an extra level of grip and protection for a rider’s hands. For dirt bikes, look for some good knuckle protection and some extra reinforcement at the palm. They also help in reducing blisters and provide extra grip.


  • When it comes to sizing your gloves, the sizing chart will usually ask you to measure the circumference around your hand below the knuckles.

8. Dirt boots

Dirt boots dissimilar from your regular boots are stiffer to help prevent torsional and lateral injuries.


  • Sizing your boots is the same as sizing for your everyday pair of shoes.
  • You can easily pair dirt boots with knee braces.

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