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What Is the Average Cost of Car Maintenance?

From a young age, many people fantasize about obtaining a car when they grow up. Many individuals give up on their ambition when they realize how much money they must make to succeed. Fewer people consider how much they will need to pay to keep their vehicle in perfect shape.

However, today, you only need to spend a few years to save the necessary budget since, at any time you need, you can hire the car you want. You can hire an auto for getaways, special gatherings, driving adventures, and other purposes.

Renting an automobile while on holiday is often essential, especially if you are visiting a country with a scorching summertime. It’s also a great choice because of low rental prices, even for luxury vehicles. Travelers come to countries like the United Arab Emirates to rent a car like the Bentley Bentayga because renting it will not empty your wallet.

However, many still want to own a vehicle. If you are one of these people worried about whether you can maintain your car, we will tell you how much money you will need for maintenance.

replacing car parts

What does regular maintenance include, and how much does it cost? 

According to NerdWallet, the total cost of owning a vehicle is approximately 11-12 thousand dollars per year if we discuss new models. If we talk about old and used models, owners spend about five hundred dollars a month.

The same is true for people who opt to lease or hire a vehicle. The only difference is that when you lease or rent a car, you get a brand-new automobile that does not require frequent upkeep. In everyday life, people rent more budget vehicles, while on holiday in countries with low rental prices like the United Arab Emirates, they can treat themselves to renting cars like a Porshe UAE.

This figure covers insurance coverage, repayments on loans, and other obligations. If you want to know how much you will spend on upkeep, you need first learn what routine upkeep is and how frequently it must be done.

Changing oil

Not wanting to deal with expensive engine repairs or replacements, car enthusiasts should remember that it is necessary to change the oil regularly. You don’t have to do this every thirty days, but it varies depending on how frequently you use the automobile. This should be done whenever you travel between five and seven and a half thousand miles. The entire procedure will cost you between twenty and sixty bucks on average. If you use a more expensive type of oil, the amount may increase by 40–80 dollars.

Replacing wipers

In any bad weather, wipers help us to see what’s happening on the road. They also wear out like other components. You should monitor their condition so you know when to replace them. It is advisable to do this twice a year. If you can replace them yourself, it will cost you around $30, while professional help plus wipers will cost you no more than $80.

Battery replacement

This component doesn’t need to be replaced very often, but a lot depends on where you live and whether or not you remember to switch off your automobile’s headlights and cabin lights. If nothing is forgotten, you can replace it after three or five years. You will need from sixty to two hundred dollars.

Replacing brake pads

Every driver needs to ensure that brake pads are replaced frequently. If you drive more often in cities where you need to stop at traffic lights or let pedestrians pass, you need to replace them more often. You will need from 100 to 300 dollars, including the work of a specialist.

Tire replacement

If you reside in a country with scorching summers and freezing winters, you should replace your tires at the start of each season. Otherwise, these parts should be changed every six years. You will have to spend anywhere from four hundred to eighteen hundred dollars on replacements.

For many folks, all of this feels like agony at times. You should keep in mind that if you hire a car, you will not have to deal with this.


Fresher vehicles cause fewer headaches for drivers, while older models cause more problems and repairs. Every driver needs to keep an eye on the wear and tear of various components, as replacing components regularly will reduce the risk of more serious repairs.

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